Home Selling 101: What You Need To Know

Attention Sellers:  Before you hire your listing agent to market and sell your property you need to know two things:

Warning: What your listing agent doesn't know about Internet marketing (or doesn't do) can hurt you! -  Buyers are using the Internet to search for property like yours.  Because buyers have so many propertes to choose from they use the Internet to screen out properties as much as they use it to find the perfect property.  What this mean is this.  Buyers are not calling off newspaper ads, real estate books, or even yards signs like they have in the past.  Real estate buyers are not calling agents or walking into their offices as much to get information about properties for sale.  They are getting it for themselves from the Internet.  They are performing their own searches on the Internet and if your property is mismarketed they may be rejecting it!  Studies have shown that the typical Internet buyer physically views less properties.  They are making decisions about your property without visiting it.

Here's what you need to know as a seller regarding Internet marketing:

Unfortunately most real estate agents do not have a successful plan to market your property on the Internet. Their plan it to place a property on the MLS and various websites and hope it sells.

At M.O.R.E., We Excel At Internet Marketing. 

No one in the St. Louis area does it better.  Our real estate brokergae has been built on our ability to effectively use the power of Internet marketing to reach buyer and sellers in our market.  And we are only getting better.  We have trained emarketing experience on our team.  As a potential seller with us you need to know we can reach thousands of potential buyers who are searching for a home right now. We are so sure of our marketing abilities that we guarantee our service.  See Guarantees 

It takes more skill to be a successful listing agent

A good listing agent today must wear many hats.  That's why not all real estate agents make good listing agents.  Most people think that a good salesperson makes a good listing agent.  That's not always true. A good listing agent has to be much more than that.  Here are some qualities you should look for in your listing agent.

Without the support of a team, most listing agents aren't able to do accomplish all these tasks by themsleves. That is why it is critical that your listing agent have team support.

At M.O.R.E., our listing agents have team support through the "M.O.R.E. SELLING SYSTEM ".

The M.O.R.E. SELLING SYSTEM  is based around the following

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