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Before you work or associate with a person or organization it's important to know something about them. If you just get one impression about our company, we hope it is this... We want to raise the bar in real estate brokerage. We want to be M.O.R.E. Here's a little about who we are:

We Are Full Service

We are a full service real estate brokerage serving real estate buyers and seller in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. We specialize in residential and investment properties. We handle all aspects of real estate buying and selling for our clients.  With M.O.R.E., you get a team of trusted advisors throughout your transaction. With our team structure you get a higher level of service. You get guaranteed service.

We Are Innovative

We are innovative. We recognize that in today's real estate market we have to be innovative and adaptable to change. We look for new technologies that can help serve you better.  Our use of the Internet allows us to provide exceptional service to you. Sellers get the best Internet marketing for their property. Buyers benefit from finding out about more properties quickly.

We Are Professional

We are professional. We are Realtors®. We are members of the National Association of Realtors, Missouri Association of Realtors, and the St. Louis Association of Realtors.  We adhere to the Realtor Code of Ethics.  Our associates are encouraged to become involved in these associations and to pursue professional designations that enhance their ability to better serve you.

We Are Experienced

We are experienced. Our associates have experience in the critical areas of your transaction that include brokerage, marketing, mortgage lending, title, and more.. We also have experienced resource providers (lenders, inspectors, title companies, insurance agents..) who can assist you with any questions you might have.  You will benefit from this high level of experience.

We Are Knowledgeable

We are knowledgeable. Our research keeps us informed on local and national real estate markets, interest rates, consumer trends, and regional changes that can impact the real estate market. In turn, we keep you informed on matters that will affect your real estate transaction.

We Are Focused

We are focused. We help people buy and sell real estate. We are not in the mortgage or title business like many other brokers. We don't have conflicts with referring you to "broker owned" businesses. We are in the position to show you the most options.

At M.O.R.E., Our goal is to provide you such exceptional service and results, that you will refer your friends and family to us for their real estate needs.  So take a look for yourself and see how you can get MORE from your real estate transaction. 

We are your real estate brokerage for today ... and tommorrow.

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